Healing Session Prices:

Individual session: $90


3 Sessions: $250

6 Sessions: $520

10 Sessions: $800

Daily Retreat: Suggested $300-$600.

**Please ask directly within what is the guided amount that feels right in your heart to offer for the service that you are receiving from me. It is important you are offering it from the purest place as I will feel it. So– what you are offering is not coming from what you should, or what you think, or what you can afford, nor offering it as a donation as all those frequencies are not in alignment and I will not be able to accept it.

Monthly Membership: Daily 15 minute distance reiki sessions OR Daily 15 minute coaching check-ins for $350

Business Consulting

We help many different businesses with different needs. From real estate companies to car dealerships and fashion houses, email us if you would like to design a plan if the following are not a fit or have any questions about these offerings.

Basic Business Package: $5,000 a month

Includes: Text messaging with Davina

Weekly office check-ins with staff

Weekly 90 minute strategy/advice meetings

Emperor Business Package: $10,000 a month

Text messaging with Davina

Weekly energy clearings for staff

Weekly 2 hour strategy/advice meetings

Spiritual Life Coaching: (60 min) $100

3 Sessions: $290

Tarot Reading: $45

Akashic Records session: $111

60 Min Phone consult/reading & personalized plan: $111

Home Energy Clearings including Crystal Placements: $222

Group Readings/Parties: Please contact for quote


The “Aphrodite” $111 valued at $250

Birth Chart and Numerology Date Readings 

Weekly 30 min Coaching and Healing sessions

Date Coaching 

Access to DHBD network 

The “Freya” $250 valued at $500

Birth Chart and Numerology Date Readings 

Weekly 60 min Coaching and Healing sessions

Crystal Therapy Analysis 

Access to DHBD Network

The “Hera” $500 valued at $750

Birth Chart, Akashic and Numerology Date Readings 

Weekly 60 min Coaching and Healing sessions

Date Coaching 

Crystal Therapy Analysis 

Access to DHBD network 

To book click our scheduler here:


P.L on February 5, 2021

First of all, I love her podcast and her soothing voice. I complained about my constant migraines and she gave me a crystal and some reiki. My migraine was gone! Wish I could see her everyday and get Reiki. 

C.K on January 30, 2021

I saw Davina for my insomnia issues. She recommend a bunch of crystals for me and listening to different healing frequencies. She is pretty insightful and knowledgeable about spiritual issues. She is emotionally gifted. 

D.W on January 30, 2021

She was on the nose! I complained of my period cramps and pain on my left side. She mentioned how the left side of the body corresponds to the mother and the right to the father. She then asked if my mom and I have difficulties lately. I replied we do not speak! That blew me away. She is naturally so intuitive and insightful and taught me so much in a five minute body scan like she called it. Reiki is amazing!

V.R on January 30, 2021

I was skeptical but also really interested. Davina worked on me briefly and I felt so relaxed after it. My heart felt warm and tingly. I would definitely recommend trying her and would do it again. Thanks Davina!

John Russell, Psychic and Author 

I was asked by Davina to be a guest on her podcast, Divine Healing By Davina.  She is such an excellent host and asked the most wonderful and insightful questions, as well as making pertinent comments on my book, which she read before our interview.  She’s attentive, perceptive, and fun and easy to talk to, with a good sense of humor.  She’s knowledgable about the spiritual realm and knows how to put her guests at ease and bring out their best.  I enjoyed my interview with her and hope to be featured again.  

A.B on November 10, 2020

Davina’s fun-loving personality allowed me to relax and open up to her. Davina is dedicated and honest. She will push through the blockages no matter what it takes. With Davina’s method based on the physical body, I felt that I was truly being taken care of by someone who is knowledgeable in her craft. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for deeper healing in the physical body and connecting to source energy.

M.A on October 1, 2020

She started with random questions after ending my distant reiki session. She was spot on about so much. She knew where I was blocked and advised me on what to do regarding these blocks. Can’t wait to do this again!

D.D on September 30, 2020

Saw her for an amazing session on her crystal mat. Almost felt like I was in another world. She is the sweetest and most knowledgeable. Also her prices are great compared to other healers. It shouldn’t cost a lot to help heal your soul. 

A.S.N on August 10th, 2020

I don’t know if I ever felt healing like that before! I went to her for pelvic pain and I could feel vibrations all over. WOW! If you are doubting on going, please don’t. She will put you at ease and it feels amazing!

A.B on June 26, 2020

Davina is a true energy healer. Reiki is where she begins, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She is intuitive, psychic, and simply the perfect example of a caring, sensitive, honest, fantastic communicator. Davina absolutely loves her work and has a true passion for helping people heal. She is a constant learner and I highly recommend her !

L.E.C on May 15, 2020

Davina, is a phenomenal healer. I did my first distance Reiki session with her and right away she put me at ease. She explained if I had a blockage and the meaning behind it. Really noticed a difference in how I feel after our session. Truly an eye opening experience. I’m excited for our next session!

L.S on May 10, 2020

Davina is magic energy! Referred by a friend and have already finished a package. She is insightful and knows exactly what she’s doing. She sensed some very personal things. 

P.O on May 5, 2020

She picked up my energy from our first phone call. I also purchased some sage from her for protection. Very informative session and I am looking forward to future sessions. Very glad my friend introduced us. I am very grateful for her and her gift. 

A.T on March 4, 2020

Was really stressed out about work situation and received a mini session to relax. Felt it immediately! I love Reiki!

D.D on March 1, 2020

I fell on my back and elbow and asked Davina to give me reiki. She worked on me for 15 minutes and I felt the warm sensations of her hands when she worked on my body. I already feel a lot better and my back hurts less. I definitely need more but this was great relief !

eye opening experience 

K.H on Feb 24, 2020

I didn’t know anything about reiki but thought I should try it out because I am getting into spirituality and opening my third eye. Davina made me feel right at ease and I really enjoyed the session. She explained everything thoroughly and gave me advice on my blockages and some “homework” to do. She really listens and is compassionate and super warm. Can’t wait to get another session with her soon when she’s in town!!

What a relaxing treatment 

ShK on Jan 17, 2020

Loved it. I don’t remember being this relaxed ever. I thought I would have difficultly driving after the treatment. Wish I could do this everyday.

phone reading review 

M. on Jan 17, 2020

She read me on the phone and did not pick up a lot in the beginning but thats because I am very hard to read. I believe she was also nervous. Once we got more comfortable with each other she started to pick up on super private things happening between my BF and I. Also, she knew certain things about my deceased husband which were spot on. She’s lovely and warm in person as well. I believe this was her first phone reading which she did somewhat well. I have scheduled my reiki session for my shoulder, looking forward. 

Spur of the moment Reading 

M.Y on Jan 17, 2020

Did not get reiki by her but now I am looking forward to trying it. Met her through my neighbor when she was visiting her. Was causally mentioning how I was going away with my boyfriend tomorrow and my neighbor told her you gotta look at her guy, hes so hot lol. So I showed it to her and she’s like oh your boyfriend is a chef. She knew that just by a picture. she continued to tell me that the gift I got my boyfriends mom wasn’t “good enough” and how she collects porcelain. I texted my bf and asked if she collects porcelain and he said yes porcelain tea pots. She also picked up the fact that he had a dog as a child whose name started with a C and R. The dogs name was Chipper!!!! im recommending her to everyone shes so gooddd.

Scalp issues

J.S.M on Jan 08, 2020

I have been suffering from excessive hair loss for the past year. I have had countless amounts of tests done by multiple doctors yet no one can tell me what is wrong. I can barely touch my scalp it hurts SO bad! She has given me reiki 2x as of today and was completely honest about never treating someone for baldness. Which I really appreciated. She is open and honest! She said what she believes my hair loss came from. She commented that my scalp is inflamed and to eat cooling foods. I went to a highly respected and well known derm today and she gave me the same diagnosis and did a biopsy of my scalp. She is a great guide and knows her stuff !


Chanel on Jan 03, 2020

was with her at a work event so couldn’t do a reiki session….She literally did a 5 minute reading on me and knew crazy things! like about my friends and situations with them…. also that my boyfriend was recovering from a bad cold (was told the day prior he might have the flu, but I didn’t tell her that). She told me that he needs to take better care of himself bc a doctor will do a flu test. so interesting! can’t wait for my full session with healing!


E.D on Jan 03, 2020

When I get injured playing sports in school reiki helps with the pain. Almost puts me to sleep. I always like getting it. 

Mini session 

A.H on Dec 31, 2019

My mom and aunt dabbled in reiki over the years and I was always so fascinated by it. When I was told she could do it I jumped at the offer… D came over and gave me a mini session while I was sitting in a chair. She knew right away that I had constant colds as a kid and bad post nasal drip. She made me relaxed and calm in maybe 5 minutes! Can’t wait for my full session soon. 

PMS help

B.Z on Sep 19, 2019

I have horrible PMS. Her hands are warm and it tingles the exact moment she works on you. I felt so much better after. Its like a an overnight hot pack of relief!

She’s a healer 

Rmota on Sep 16, 2019

Had a terrible stomach problem that came from stress and bad eating which I saw her for. Felt good as new after 20 minutes. She also knew what was bothering me and got it out. After talking about it, it went away. 

She knew of a childhood accident 

D.S.R on Sep 15, 2019

She picked up on an accident I had when I was a child that barely anyone knows about… creepy but cool. 


R. M on Sep 13, 2019

she came to my house and worked on my whole family. my young daughter fell asleep from being so relaxed. She knew I had hormonal issues and terrible hot flashes. My husband who was on dialysis had terrible hand pain that he kept quiet but she saw and felt it. Also, at the time he had terrible stomach issues that were not giving him any trouble. She believed he had an ulcer. 45 days later his doctor tells him he had an ulcer and confirmed other stomach problems. Highly recommend D. Can’t wait for my next session!

Surprise reading at a show 

Krys.T on Sept 07, 2019

She did not give me reiki but now I am looking forward to trying it. Met her at a trunk show and we just started talking. She knew my sign by looking at me and gave me some advice on things there was no way she would know unless we were super close friends. She’s got a gift! I would definitely see her for just a reading if energy healing is too scary for you.

Let’s heal together.

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